My Story

I have always been drawn to capturing and expressing the beauty and emotion of the world around me.

However, after the loss of my best friend, my work took on a new meaning and direction.

I began experimenting with high-contrast black and white photography, a style that I now refer to as "unintentionally moody." At first, I saw this shift in my work as tragic, a reflection of the deep sadness and grief that I was feeling.

But as I continued to create, I began to see the beauty in these images. They became a way for me to honor my friend and keep his memory alive through my art. Each photograph became a tribute to our friendship and the love we shared.

Today, my work is not only a celebration of the beauty in the world, but also a testament to the enduring power of love and friendship. It is my hope that my photographs inspire others to find the beauty and meaning in their own lives, even in the midst of loss and hardship.

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All images © Burton Rast